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5 Surprising Ways a House Sitter Can Make Your Life Easier

When envisioning the role of a house sitter, many people imagine someone staying in their home to provide security during their absence. However, at Time Matters, our approach to house sitting goes above and beyond mere presence. While we don’t stay overnight, our periodic visits offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Here are five surprising ways our house sitters can assist you:

1. Personalized Pet Care: Leaving your beloved pets behind while traveling can be anxiety-inducing for both you and them. Our house sitters provide personalized pet care services, including feeding, walking, grooming, and administering medication. Your furry, feathery, or scaly friends will receive the attention and care they deserve, ensuring their well-being and comfort in your absence.

2. Garden Maintenance and Plant Care: Maintaining the health and vitality of your plants and garden while away can be challenging. Our house sitters handle watering, mowing, weeding, and other essential gardening tasks to ensure your green spaces thrive in your absence. Return home to a flourishing garden and healthy indoor plants, all thanks to our attentive care.

3. Mail and Package Handling: An accumulation of mail and packages can signal an unoccupied home, potentially attracting unwanted attention. Our house sitters collect your mail, packages, and newspapers and report to you if there are anything urgent during each visit, maintaining a lived-in appearance and deterring burglars. Rest assured that your important correspondence is securely stored or forwarded to you as needed.

4. Home Security Checks: Protecting your home from intruders and hazards is a top priority for our house sitters. In addition to monitoring appliances, air conditioning, security systems, they conduct thorough checks of doors, windows, and alarms to ensure everything is secure. With vigilant surveillance and prompt action, our house sitters provide peace of mind knowing your home is safe and sound.

5. Concierge Services: From errand running to package shipping, our house sitters offer personalized concierge services to lighten your load. Need groceries purchased, dry cleaning dropped off, or a package shipped? Simply provide your to-do list, and our attentive team will handle everything efficiently and professionally, allowing you to focus on your travels worry-free.

In conclusion, the role of a house sitter extends far beyond traditional security measures. From tending to your pets and plants to managing your mail and running errands, our house sitters offer invaluable assistance and peace of mind while you’re away. Next time you plan a trip, trust Time Matters to care for your home and everything in it, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your loved ones.

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