Business Concierge Services

​We are an extra resource for a fraction of the price of a full time employee.

Time Matters Concierge offers concierge services to businesses and individuals a like. Think of us as an extra resource that you can count on without the commitment of long term hiring. We have been serving businesses in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties since 2011.

Our rates are customized to your needs. There is no standard plan. We work with our clients to accommodate their needs and budget. Every client is different and there isn’t a request that is too big or too small. We will tackle the task at hand with the same dedication and professionalism that we are known for.

Business Concierge Services

Some of the things that we currently do for our clients are monthly/weekly/daily delivery of supplies for company events and stress busters, office supply delivery, event planning, and personal concierge packages as an extra benefit to employees.

If you think that your company could benefit from having extra help on a temporary basis or if your employees find themselves doing simple tasks like grocery shopping, event planning and their help would be better used in other areas of the business, we can help you. Give us a call to schedule a consultation so we can understand better what you need and customize a plan just for you.

Why You Need A Business Concierge

Event Planning

We can plan your company's events, stress busters, holiday parties or employee appreciation day...

Manage Office Supplies

Instead of having a dedicated resource to shop for your office supplies or groceries, we can manage that for your business without employment cost temp agencies fees.

Extra Perks For Employees and Clients

Give the gift of time to your best employees or your biggest clients. We can bundle packages of time that you can use as an extra perk for your employees and clients. Who wouldn't appreciate the gift of extra time?

Are You Ready To Optimize Your Staff's Time?

Call us to talk about what we can do to help. We work with companies of all sizes doing anything from weekly grocery shopping, managing office supplies for multiple locations to event planning. Tell us your pain points and we will create a custom solution for your business.