House Sitting & Property Management

South Florida is home of beautiful white sandy beaches, clear oceans and friendly people with a mix of cultures that makes the perfect place for a second home or a vacation getaway.

Time Matters Concierge offers house sitting and maintenance services for your home. There is nothing better than the peace of mind that your home is being taken care of on your absence and that you will have that warm, clean place to come back to.

Our house sitting services consist of periodic house inspections to make sure that your home is secure and that everything is how it should be. The visits to your home can be as often as needed and can be as long as you may wish.

House Sitting Services
House Sitting Services

It doesn’t matter if you are going on a short vacation and just need somebody to water the plants and feed the pets or if you decided to take a long vacation or go back up north for the summer months. Time Matters Concierge will be there to take care of your home and all its contents as if it was our very own.

We will check your mail, perform appliances/Air Conditioning inspections, take care of your garden and even arrange repairs while you are gone. If any problem is found in your house you will be notified immediately and the appropriate measures will be taken. These emergencies can be a plumbing problem, an air conditioning that stopped working or a damage to your home due to the weather or wear and tear. Rest assured that whatever the emergency may be your home will be in good hands.

Property management

Why You Need A House Sitter

Weekly Visits

We check your mail, plants, pets and/or appliances as frequent as you would like while you are out of town.

Emergency Contact

We are your emergency contact if your alarm goes on, you have a flood or needs to put shutters up during hurricane season.

Remodeling or Maintenance

We can look for contractors to work on your house while you are away. We find the contractor, schedule appointment, oversee the job and inspect upon completion of service. May it be to fix a fridge that is leaking, air conditioning maintenance, paint walls or anything else you need.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Home!

Call us to talk about what we can do to help. We watch homes of all sizes for as long as you would like. We customize a plan just for you.